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Race Date: 2/20/2016
Class: Stock >200 WHP
– Class: 7th / 16
– Overall: 23rd / 65
My FTD: 45.852 sec.
The FTD: 42.942

I started the season at Clemson University with the Clemson Sports Car Club for their second autocross of the year. With fresh BFGoodrich Tires and no prior full-size autocross experience, a low-key autocross at my alma mater seemed like the perfect place to start. The day promised to be lukewarm and nice enough to make the two and a half hour trek. I arrived at the track, a small and technical course set up in Clemson’s C1 parking lot, and prepped my car for driving in the 1st run group. Each driver was allotted four runs in their session with a 5-10 minute gap in between each run. On my first run, I came in with a commendable 48 second lap. By my final run, I shaved my laptime down to 45.1 seconds!

Despite the limited seat time, I gained a lot of confidence in driving my WRX. The tires were grippy, my car held up through the heavy throttle and braking, and I didn’t hit any cones. By the end of my last run, I was able to focus on more than keeping the car between the cones and could focus on what the car and the tires were telling me. Now that I’ve got a better understanding of the limits of the car, I am looking forward to going to my first official SCCA autocross. My next step is to begin recording video and data in order to better dissect my runs and learn how to improve. Before I throw more money at the car I want to know where the money will be best spent, and that won’t be clear until I can get the most out of the car. Since seat time is limited in autocross, combining visual cues with GPS lap tracking and data output through the cars OBDII port will give me an extra set of information on how to get the most out of each run.

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