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For years I had noticed extra brake dust on my right rear wheel. I replaced the rear calipers with re-manufactured calipers, and after a year or two it was back again. I finally addressed the issue last week by inspecting the offending caliper. One of the sliders on the caliper was stuck, and the pads were worn correspondingly. I disassembled the slider mechanism on the stuck caliper and found that the ends of the rubber bushing on the leading slider pin had sheared off. Either they had come apart and jammed up the slider, or the slider wasn’t greased and the ends were torn off when the pin was disassembled.

I disassembled the sliders, cleaned the slider components, applied fresh brake caliper grease, and reassembled the rear calipers onto the car. The sliders on both sides actuated smoothly and with little resistance. After driving the car to work for a few days, the sliders still moved like they’re supposed to on both sides of the car. Problem solved!

Through this process it was noticed that the RR pads were once again very thin, the LR pads had tapered wear, and all of the calipers were too thin to turn down in preparation for new autocross brake pads. With that in mind, I’m ready to upgrade my pads, rotors, and lines before my next event. I will review the component selection process in my next post.

The troublesome slider pin removed from the caliper. The torn-off part of the rubber bushing is shown. Not shown is a second, similar rubber ring that came from the top radius of the slider pin.
This shot shows the ┬áright and left trailing slider pins. Neither has the rubber bushings that come on the leading slider pin, but they come from very different molds with different finishes and even different flats for allowing grease to occupy space in their respective bores on the caliper. Both re-man’d rear calipers were purchased from the same store at the same time.


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