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After solving the issue of my sticking right rear caliper, I decided I could confidently purchase some new brake parts. Since my rotors are too thin to turn and the pads are wearing out, I decided to go ahead and get autocross pads from Hawk Performance and Powerslot rotors. Since one of my complaints from earlier in my autocross campaign came from what I felt was poor brake pedal modulation, I threw in some stainless steel brake lines to replace the old, soft, stock brake lines on the car. The lines and rotors are coming from Rallysport Direct, a longtime favorite of mine, and the HP+ Autocross/Track pads are coming direct from Hawk.

I’ll be honest, my research on brake rotors was brief, and my pad selection was based on price, but I believe I’ve got some good stuff coming to me. I have a feeling that stainless steel lines are stainless steel lines, so Stoptech or Goodrich didn’t seem important. There was a great amount of hearsay and speculation on what’s important in brake rotors, but one thing was consistent:

Drilled rotors are a risky buy

You can’t go cheap on drilled rotors. If the holes aren’t chamfered, then they’re prone to cracking under high load because the sharp edges of the hole act as a stress riser. Your best bet for rotors with performance and longevity are slotted rotors. The weight saving from the cross-drilling isn’t enough to rationalize the risk, and slotted rotors reduce gas pressure buildup like the holes.

The rotors and pads were installed for the Ultimate Street Car Association event at Charlotte Motorspeedway, and a special review of the parts will be coming soon.

Brake Upgrades: Stainless steel brake lines and Powerslot rotors all the way around
Fresh brake components are on the way! With stiffer brake lines and slotted rotors for off-gassing evacuation, the WRX should be stopping better than ever.

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