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Today, I finally got my stainless steel brake lines fitted to the WRX. The Stoptech brake lines I purchased for all four corners installed with ease and came with all of the parts I required for final installation. As many other buyers have mentioned, the stock retaining clips should not be discarded as the lines for the rear are not delivered with replacements for all of the retaining clip locations. This shouldn’t be a big problem if you treat your clips properly during removal.

Rear lines install quickly using the stock mount flanges. Re-using a stock clip on the strut body line retainer flange is required.

Applying PB Blaster to the brake hard line fittings well before attempting to remove the flex lines was critical. I didn’t strip the hard line fittings, but they were crusted on pretty well after 220,000 miles. You definitely don’t want to strip that fitting or bend/brake the line or flare underneath, because you’ll be looking at a replacement of the entire hard line. The whole operation took about an hour and a half including bleeding the brakes. In order to make this mod, you’ll need:

  • Required:
    • 8mm box wrench (qty: 1)
    • 10mm box wrench (qty: 1)
    • 12mm socket wrench (qty: 1)
    • Torque wrench capable of measuring to 14ft-lbs or less
    • Flathead screwdriver (for prying retainer clips)
    • Hammer (for removing box-clip retainer on front lines at the hard line)
  • Recommended:
    • PB Blaster (or equivalent)

Parting Tips:

  1. Apply PB Blaster liberally beforehand!
  2. When installing the new lines, start at the caliper and work back to the hard line in order to make sure that the line isn’t twisted.
  3. Install in the same order as the brake bleed sequence (RF, LR, LF, RR) to kill two birds with one stone.

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