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My WRX has over 220,000 miles on it, and it is clear that old Bugeye could use a refresh. For a while now the engine has been a little leaky. The oil splatters onto the chassis and suspension all around the turbo, and oil smoke wafts out of the hood scoop when the car comes to a stop. Stopleak and gasket fillers seemed to delay the inevitable, but it is now time to face the music. I’m going to rebuild the engine before the autocross season begins! Over the course of this project I’ll be collecting information, compiling guides, and reviewing products. Here’s a preview of some of the topics I plan to cover:

  • Oil Analysis: What Does It Mean?
  • Compression Checking
  • How Good Can an $18 USB Boroscope Be?
  • Resources for Engine Removal
  • Engine Teardown Timelapse
  • Kits and Bits for Your EJ205 Rebuild
  • And much more!

Post your questions or suggestions below; If you’d like to know, see, or learn something about the process then let me know!

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