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First and foremost, the products used in this review were provided by the manufacturer, GUNK, as tester samples. No compensation was made for the creation of this review. I write this review as an independent consumer of a product that I liked using.IMG_6868

With my engine out of the car it was time for some much needed TLC. The engine was coated in baked on oil and dirt, and I really wanted to get it as clean as possible before removing the valve covers and other components. I challenged Gunk and Chemical Guys to a cylinder head-to-head competition, and Gunk provided me with samples to use. I can say with confidence that using it to clean the engine outside of the car was probably the most time consuming method creating the most collateral dirtiness, but it did work. To remove the caked and baked on grime I used Gunk’s Heavy Duty Gel. It comes out of the can as a slightly foaming and viscous liquid that smells of cleaning agents and oranges. Because my engine was out of the car and in the garage, I did not do the typical “spray it on, hose it off” procedure. Instead, here’s how I got the job done:IMG_6876

  1. Lay a large plastic tarp under the engine and well past the engine on the floor. Cover with paper or other absorbent material.
  2. Cover any openings on the engine. This includes intake and exhaust ports, spark plug holes, turbo inlet/outlet, etc.
  3. Spray heavy duty gel onto the areas of the engine that you want to clean.
    *Important* If you’re going to forgo the hose like
    me, apply sparingly to the top of the engine… it’s a pain to get the mess cleaned up when the gel and water pool in the casting ribs of the top of the engine
  4.  Wait 10-15 minutes then begin scrubbing. Be sure to use a bucket of water to rinse the brush. Also be sure not to use a brush or bucket you’re particularly fond of.IMG_6877
  5. Spray water onto the engine to rinse away the gel and debris. Spraying and wiping is a successful technique.

Pro-Tip: Place an old t-shirt or rag at the edge of your tarp. Before you step off the tarp and onto your garage floor, you can wipe your feet on the shirt. Since this stuff is pretty slippery, the shirt is a good way to get some traction back when you’re standing on the tarp. Didn’t I mention this was probably the most time consuming and dirty way to accomplish this??

With the engine back in the car I’ll likely reapply and hose it down, because the spray bottle didn’t offer a lot of assistance in removing the worst of the gunk. Then I’ll apply the Engine Protector Shine and report back! Here’s what it looked like before and after:


Final Verdict: Thumbs Up

Go get it if you care about maintaining what’s under the hood. I clearly haven’t put the effort into cleaning my engine bay and it it’s been a pain to try to get it back to something respectable. Gunk’s Heavy Duty Gel was instrumental in breaking up the years of oil and dirt caked onto my engine, and I look forward to continuing to use it to maintain the cleanliness of my engine bay.

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