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Racing can be an all encompassing passion, but sometimes there are more important things in life. In March of 2016 I asked the love of my life to marry me, and we decided that September 3, 2017 would be the day of our wedding. Throughout 2016 I enjoyed autocrossing my car, but by the end of the year a smoke had developed near the turbo that couldn’t be ignored. I began fixing it in January, 2017. By April I had removed the engine, replaced the valve cover gaskets, water pump, timing belt and various pulleys, all of the broken vacuum hoses around the turbo, and the right front axle, but I still had not resolved the smoke! It became clear that the project was not going to end any time soon, so I chose to take a break to focus on preparing for my wedding.

Those letters in the window: I made them. They’re hand cut plywood with a 3″ deep flashing border and illuminated by 30 string lights. Maybe I’ll become and Etsy maker when I’m done with this racing stuff.

In that time I built marquee letters to display in front of the venue, planned for our honeymoon, and generally offered assistance to my beautiful bride. Truth be told, she did the vast majority of the work, and I’m sure glad she did because the wedding was amazing. Laura and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to sideline the Subaru project. This wedding was a massive undertaking, and it was important to put that ahead of all else especially because Laura took the brunt of the effort.

This past weekend I resumed working on the WRX. It was exactly where I left it, except for the many additional spiderwebs, and that’s a powerful notion: These race cars are just things that’ll always be there. There will always be more to repair, upgrade, and prepare, but those are all things that can wait. The special people in your life deserve more attention than your toys, not only for their sake but also because your moments with those you love are fleeting and irreplaceable. Rarely can you put your life on hold without consequence, but always you can put down the wrench and pick it up later.

Of course the end of the wedding doesn’t mean the end of my paying attention to my bride, but now we’ve got the capacity to resume our hobbies and interests. Next on my list is finishing the WRX and getting back to rental kart racing! I’m entered in the GoPro Motorplex¬†Fall Rental league, and I’ll writing a review of the rib protector I bought as well as posting weekly race reports over the course of the five week series. Stay tuned, I’m back in action!

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