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New Springs in the House

A sale on lowering springs that aren't low-rider crap?? I'm in! They're not the raciest springs available but they'll bring ...
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How To: Replace a Front Axle on a 2002-03 WRX

This is not an uncommon repair on our favorite bugeyed sporty car, and luckily it's not a difficult one either ...
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Calm Before the Storm

Powertrain Rejuvenation: Getting Dirty

Project Powertrain Rejuvenation has officially begun. I started with a compression test while the engine was still in the car ...
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Powertrain Rejuvenation: The Plan

My WRX has over 220,000 miles on it, and it is clear that old Bugeye could use a refresh. For ...
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It’s Always the Little Things

This post was supposed to be a race report for round 9 of the 2016 CCR SCCA autocross season, but ...
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Brake Upgrades Complete

Today, I finally got my stainless steel brake lines fitted to the WRX. The Stoptech brake lines I purchased for ...
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Fresh Brakes: The Goods

After solving the issue of my sticking right rear caliper, I decided I could confidently purchase some new brake parts ...
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RR Brake Drag Solved

For years I had noticed extra brake dust on my right rear wheel. I replaced the rear calipers with re-manufactured ...
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Bugeye Brakes: Assessing the Situation

At my last autocross, I noticed that my braking seemed to be more black and white than shades of grey ...
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